Bermuda Cruising Rally

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Fourth Annual

                                                                                       When:     June 2013

                                                                                       DepartsMitchell Park Marina
                                                                                                      Greenport, New York


                                                                                        ArrivesBermuda Yacht Services

                                                                                                      St. George's Harbour, Bermuda                                                           



Tania Aebi

Want to sail to Bermuda?  Want to sail in company for fun, camaraderie, added safety, and all the other benefits you get from a cruising rally?  At present we are the only summer rally or flotilla leaving from the U.S. east coast to Bermuda.  Tania Aebi will lead a team that will conduct inspections, provide all the services that you could want, and make all the necessary arrangements for a fun and exciting trip.  Ours will be a friendly sail in company to historic and picturesque St. George's Harbour.

         On Friday night, there will be a welcome gathering at our departure point, Mitchell Park Marina in Greenport New York (  Mitchell Park is a new marina with floating docks, large slips, water and electricity, all located right smack in the middle of town, so it's walking distance to groceries, marine supplies, restaurants, and anything else you need.  Greenport itself is a wonderful town with much to see and do, from restaurants, shopping, and the famous carousel right on the marina grounds.  We ask participants to arrive at Mitchell Park, fully outfitted and ready to sail, on Friday, or as early as possible on Saturday, so as to allow for timely inspections and briefings before our Sunday departure.  Of course, the exact time of our start is subject to a favorable weather forecast.

        During the trip, keep in touch with satellite phones, and participate in daily conference calls to receive weather and routing updates from the renowned oceanography and meteorology team of Jenifer & Dane Clark (  We'll also use these calls to exchange and monitor positions, ask for guidance, and simply to share experiences.  For your friends and family back home, they can track your progress on the Internet with satellite tracking devices, provided by the event.

        Upon arrival in Bermuda, celebrate the successful passage with yet another event-sponsored party.  Our host in Bermuda will be Bermuda Yacht Services, a new full-service yard and marina located right in the heart of St. George's historic Town Square.  Bermuda Yacht Services caters to oceangoing sailors, has dockside water, electricity, repair facilities, and other services.  Likewise, St. George's Harbour is a stunning and well-protected anchorage, and if you so choose you can anchor in crystal clear water swimming distance from the dock!  Mark Soares, the owner of Bermuda Yacht Services, will be invaluable in helping us navigate customs (both clearing in and out), crew exchange procedures, and provisioning.  Be sure to check out this most welcome addition to St. George's Harbour at  Once you get settled, spend some time exploring Bermuda's impeccably maintained interior, or cruise its luscious harbors.  It's up to you.  After several days in this wonderland of the Atlantic, sail back to the east coast in company, or continue on to your destination of choice.

         And if you think you can't do this rally because you lack crew, think again!  We're incredibly fortunate to have Hank Schmitt and his team at Offshore Passage Opportunities on our side.  OPO is the number 1 crew networking organization in existence today, with over 600 experienced bluewater sailors looking to crew on ocean passages.  Best of all, OPO's services and crew are free to participants in our rally!  You pay for boat expenses and food onboard, but crew from OPO will sail with you for free, and pay their own way to and from the boat.  Check out OPO's website at

         Benefits of the event, all of which are included in your participation fee, include:

Upon Signing Up:

     1.  Tania will send you a personalized checklist of things to do for you and your boat before your arrival in New York
     2.  Required equipment and gear list
     3.  Access to experts for advice and guidance on outfitting and logistics
     4.  Access to Bermuda Yacht Services' concierge services (provisioning, crew exchange, hotel reservations, etc.)
     5.  Assistance with finding qualified crew through Offshore Passage Opportunities
     6.  Confirmed dock/mooring reservations in Greenport and Bermuda
Upon Arrival in Greenport:

     7.  Reservations for dockage at Mitchell Park Marina at discounted rates
     8.  Inspections by Tania Aebi and our team to ensure that all required gear is aboard
     9.  Briefings for weather & gulfstream routing by Jenifer & Dane Clark
   10.  Tania will conduct in-person skipper and crew briefings on all practical aspects of the trip and what to expect
   11.  Assistence with any arrangements you may need (reservations in Bermuda, crew exchange, etc.)
   12.  Instructions on satellite phones, Internet tracking, and en route procedures
   13.  Social gatherings

En Route to Bermuda:

   14.  Daily satphone conference calls for position monitoring, camaraderie and guidance
   15.  Daily weather and gulfstream routing updates by the Clarks during conference calls
   16.  Satellite and Internet tracking of your position by iBoattrack (

Upon Arrival in Bermuda:

   17.  Reservations at Bermuda Yacht Services at discounted rates
   18.  Assistence with clearing in/out
   19.  Briefings on weather & gulfstream routing for return trip
   20.  Social gatherings

En Route Back to U.S.:

   21.  Similar, though less formal, as en route to Bermuda

The cost for this year's event is $995, plus $25 per person aboard.  The fee includes entry into the event, Internet tracking devices, weather and Gulf Stream routing, inspections, parties, reservations, and an all around good time.

If you want to read about past events, click the applicable link on the left hand side of the site.

          Be sure to check back soon and often, as we update this website regularly to reflect new developments and the addition of new strategic partners.  If you would like more information, have questions, or would like to sign up, please contact us by phone, fax, email or submit an inquiry using our "Contact Us" link above.  Till then, wishing you fair winds and a following sea ...

St. George's Harbour